Welcome to American Financial College Educators!

     Hello, my name is Walt Cameron... I'm the president of...American Financial Educators and I have some startling statistics concerning college students…… Did you know that……..

    38% of College Dropouts are due to Financial Pressures ….75% of students have credit card debt and 65% of Student Credit Card Debtors have to work at least Part Time…..

     You see….I'm very worried about your students. I see many of them overwhelmed with financial pressures that prevent them from focusing on their studies. As a result, many are forced to work just to stay in school or are forced to drop out completely……..

     I remember when I was a young man in college and very stressed out over my finances. I wish I had a program sponsored by my college to help me find a better way to deal with the pressure and learn to make better choices with money.

     And.... the students who ARE able to graduate.....are discovering that poor credit scores and credit card debt can keep them from landing a job and getting started on their chosen career path. …..I know you are as concerned about this financial tragedy as I am.

     The Good News is that You are in the perfect position to help your students. If you'll allow me, I can show you HOW I can help your students reduce their debt, Improve their credit, and help them find more money so they can finish school and find a job after graduation!

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